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Genetic Diagnostic Center is the best-in-class laboratories from across India, We are one of leading and renowned Indian diagnostics companies.


Quality of life (QoL) refers to an individual's sense of overall well-being encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. Although genetics healthcare providers strive to promote patient well-being,


Cortical folds help drive the parcellation of the human cortex into functionally specific regions. Variations in the length, depth, width, and surface area of these sulcal landmarks have been associated with disease,

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Delivering medical supplies and equipment cannot be compared to shipping other goods door-to-door. Last mile deliveries are already challenging, but more problems are facing companies engaged in medical delivery services.


Dr. Chandrakant Lahane

Genetic DC has created trust in the doctors and patients alike for high quality and reliability in diagnostics. Keep up

Paresh Dixit

Today I had a pleasant experience of availing home visit service from your lab.Blood test was done for my 74 year old mo

Pallavi Dhadake

I am for the First Time using Home service from your Lab.The Service rendered by the technician was very nice.He was ver

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Disease Segment

Therefore patient segmentation is a term for dividing up the pool of patients with the same condition based on shared characteristics.Patient segmentation is usually based on the following elements: the assessment, definition, and operationalisation of population or patient characteristics that are related to healthcare needs, outcomes aimed at when addressing population or patient needs, and the segmentation logic expressing how subpopulations


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